Add taste
to your creations

Has it been a while since you last zested citrus fruit because it is a long and expensive task?
Do you use flavourings and commercial fruit juice to add taste to your pastries, ice-creams, chocolate confectioneries or desserts?

Go back to what matters: the original taste of the product!

The trend in global consumption is a return to more naturalnessnaturalité and
transparency in products.
Brands and products positioned as «artisanal» must now do
proof of consistency : use fresh fruit rather than industrial flavors or juices.

This trend is confirmed in particular for “pleasure” consumer products such as pastry, la ice cream,, le chocolate, la confectionery, cooking or dessert.

easy Zest allows you to zest fresh fruit that will give a taste
incomparable to your recipes, which will be sublimated.

Your creations will arouse emotions among your customers, who will discover the authentic citrus taste.